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December 18, 2005

The Source For All Things Avocado

Here's an interesting site for avocado information: Avocadosource.com.

It's really an impressive information clearinghouse for those serious about avocado growing or avocado research, funded by the Hofshi Foundation, which is apparently a non-profit organization dedicated to the dissemination of avocado knowledge (seems like so many non-profits doing that these days...). I was absolutely blown away by the number of avocado journal articles they have online as PDFs, including virtually everything ever published by the ASHS journals. (I kind of wonder if it's legal for them to do so, but I suppose that's not my problem...). They've even got an impressive library of slides, which would be wonderful if any one had to do an avocado seminar (I don't, but I'm sure some one does.) Add to that an impressive page of links, a discussion forum (which can even be translated, sort of anyway, into a variety of languages), world avocado data, and a list of coming events. It claims to be available in Spanish, but it seems like just the main menu gets translated.

I really wish somebody would put together a site like this for strawberries, as it would significantly reduce the number of library runs I have to do these days. But until then I guess avocados will have to do. I'm going to throw the link in the sidebar for the perpetual enjoyment of my readers.

By the way, at some point recently the Fruit Blog passed 5,000 hits. Thanks to everyone who's stopped by so far...hope you've enjoyed it and keep coming back! Let me know if there's anything I could do to improve the experience.

Update: In my grand tradition of updating my posts mere minutes after posting them, I just thought I'd throw in a link to the California Avocado Society, which has a very nice links page as well.

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