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January 7, 2009

"Florida Grapes" website gone?

I was just clicking through my links, and I found two of them that don't work, which is always a bummer. One of them, Rare Fruit Online, is at least still available through Archive.org (you can find it here) but the Florida Grapes website appears to have disappeared along with AOL's Hometown web service back in October, and isn't archived on Archive.org. Nor does it appear to be in the Google cache. (If you'd like to see it not working yourself, click here).

This is a major sadness for a pedigree junkie like me, because the site was a great source for parent information, particularly the selections from the programs of two of the "Three Bobs", Dunstan and Zehnder.

From my contacts within the grape breeding community, I feel fairly certain that that information is still preserved somewhere out there. But still, it's one thing for information to be available somewhere in some one's notebooks or spreadsheets, and another for it to be one Google search away.

If anybody has the pedigree information from this site, I'd try to put it online somewhere myself.

For now, I'm pulling both links from the sidebar. (As a condolence, I'm adding the Bananas.org forums).

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At 3/05/2009 01:45:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have copied the dunstan codes and story, any luck finding the Zehnder stuff? I know he deposited it all at cornell rare manuscripts, but it would cost a small fortune for them to copy all his paper work. I also have a small excerpt from the defunct web page:
Robert T. Dunstan Grapes
The pedigrees listed are from Bob Zehnder's records of Dunstan's work created over their decades of correspondence. Robert Dunstan's earliest numbering system starts with the letter "D" (made by Dunstan), followed by the number of crosses. Later he began using "DRX" indicating a Dunstan Rotundifolia Hybrid, followed by the year, then the number of crosses made in that year. Some DRX selections were later found not to be true to type. Parentheses are added where synonyms were listed in the records. Question marks are added if the pedigree was in doubt. If listed, gender of the cross is indicated as M=male, F=female, H=hermaphrodite. Follow the links to view Zehnder's note cards of Dunstan's selections. If you have any Dunstan selections not listed on the GRIN database, please contact the repository and arrange a donation. The selections listed on the GRIN database have the GRIN number following an asterisk.
Robert T. Dunstan (1901-1987)

Robert T. Dunstan was the fourth son of a Windsor, North Carolina, Civil War surgeon. He became a lifelong academic, intellectual, and a brilliant college professor of Romance Languages. Dr. Dunstan was a courtly ole-fashioned Southern gentleman of the old school, whose friends called him "Bob." His interest in grapes was sparked in 1938 when a friend returned from France with a gift of 30 rare French hybrids. Dr. Dunstan shared his collection with dozens of researchers, breeders, growers, and hobbyists. Over the decades Dr. Dunstan collected, propagated, and bred many unusual plants, fruits, and nuts. He did not work the earth, he adored it! Neighbors laughingly said, "There's Dr. Dunstan again, down kissin' the earth." His legacy continues in the patented plants that grow on. His spirit guides one of the largest fruit-tree producing nurseries in the Southeast that his heirs founded on his work. (Excerpt from Dunstan Biography - link to entire text)

D-1 = Edna x White Male Rotundifolia M
D100 = D-5 x Muscat de St. Vallier (SV20473)
D120 = Meridian 10 x SV23-567
D128 = D45 x Muscat de St. Vallier (SV20473)
D132 = Chaouch x NY 16829
D137 = D73 x D56
D14 = D5 x NY 16829
D141 = D10 x S9110
D15 = [Violet Chasselas x Longfellow] x Seibel 10096
D153 = Chaouch x SV20347
D154 = Chaouch x SV20347
D155 = Edna x Muscat Alexandria
D156 = D63 x Muscat de St. Vallier (SV20473)
D166 = D73 x D56
D17 = [Paragon x Golden Muscat] x Muscat of Alexandria
D170 = D63 x SV34211
D172 = D63 x GC255-10 (Galibert-Coulendre 255-10 Muscadoule)
D177 = D26 x SV34-211
D180 = Muscat Alexandria x D56
D181 = Muscat Alexandria x D56
D187 = D63 x Muscat de St. Vallier (SV20473)
D192 = D62 x SV12375
D193 = Chaouch x Muscat de St. Vallier (SV20473)
D2 = Hunt x Dunstan 1
D20 = [Paragon x Gold Muscat] x S5813
D200 (Carolina Black Rose) = Black Rose x D56 H *DVIT 2540
D204 = Black Rose x D56 F
D207 = D63 x D56
D210 = Black Rose x D56 *DVIT 2314
D211 = D-100 x Galibert-Coulondre 133-6 H *DVIT 3084
D215 = Muscat Alexandria x D56
D216 = Muscat St. Vallier (SV20473) x D56 F
D217 = Black Rose x SV12375
D220 = Norton x D48 H
D221 = Norton x D48 F
D224 = D87 x Black Rose
D229 = Muscat St. Vallier (SV20473) x Black Rose
D230 = Black Rose x D56 F
D231 = D100 x NY16829
D232 = D132 x Muscat St. Vallier (SV20473)
D234 (Blanca Nieve) = Italia x D56 *DVIT 3085
D235 = D56 x D8
D236 = Black Rose x D56
D237 = SV12375 x Black Rose F
D238 = D156 x D56
D241 = D73 x D56
D243 = D56 x D200
D244 = D56 x D200
D248 = D62 x D56
D250 = D128 x NY25576
D254 = D141 x D56 F
D255 = D132 x SV12375
D256 = D132 x SV12375
D257 = D132 x SV12375
D26 = D5 x Golden Muscat
D272 = SC4618 x D200 F
D274 = SC4618 x D68 F
D275 = Jaeger 70 x D200 F
D276 = Jaeger 70 x D200
D286 = D276 x D274 or OP
D293 = D276? x OP H
D299 = V. aestivalis x D48
D3 = Violet Chasselas x Golden Muscat
D301 = DRX65-128 x OP
D302 = DRX65-128 x OP
D304 = V. aestivalis x D17 H
D305 = D254 x Lake Emerald
D307 = D272 x Carpenter
D309 = D272 x Stover F
D317 = D275 x El Bejuco F
D319 = D272 x Carpenter F
D320 = FES 1521 x D211H *DVIT 3086
D321 = FES 1521 x D211 H
D322 = FES 1521 x D211 F
D323 = FES 1521 x ILL820-1 F
D324 = FES 1521 x ILL820-1
D325 = FES 1521 x ILL820-1 F
D329 = D275 x D301 F
D330 = FES 1521 x D211
D331 = FES 1521 x D210
D334 = FES 1521 x IAC 871-8
D335 = FES 1521 x IAC 871-8 *DVIT 3088
D336 = FES 1521 x ARK 1105 H *DVIT 3087
D337 = FES 1521 x IAC 871-1 *DVIT 3088
D340 = FES 1521 x D211 H
D341 = FES 1521 x Carpenter F
D345 = FES 1521 x Aurelia F *DVIT 3089
D347 = FES 1521 x ? *DVIT 3090
D348 = FES 1521 x D-210
D348 = FES 1521 x D210
D360 = V. aestivalis x Beauty Seedless
D370 = FES 1521 x ARK1041 H *DVIT 3091
D380 = FES 1521 x D301 H
D393 = FES 1521 x Barrett #1
D394 = D345 x Mo. Red #2 Seedless H
D394 Tet. = D345 x Mo. Red #2 Seedless
D396 = FES 1521 x Ark 1016
D399 = D235 x D234 F
D4-176 = Norris x Schuyler
D44 = [Paragon x Golden Muscat] x NY 12997
D45 = D7 x NY 10589
D45 = D7 x NY10589
D48 = [Violet Chasselas x Longfellow] x S10096 H
D5 = Paragon x Muscat of Alexandria F
D56 (Aurelia) = Chaouch x SV12375 *GVIT 1589
D62 = [D5 x Muscat Alexandria] x Muscat Alexandria
D63 = D20 x Brocton
D68 = D20 x D15
D7 = D5 x Golden Muscat
D73 = D5 x S2563
D8 = [Edna x Muscat of Alexandria] x Muscat of Alexandria
D9 = [Violet Chasselas x Longfellow] x Seibel 10096
D92 = Muscat Alexandria x SV123
DRX LOST TAG = ? x ?
DRX55 = NC 6-15 x OP
DRX57-1 = NC 6-15 x Black Rose
DRX57-15 = SV20347 x F30
DRX57-3 = NC 6-15 x Black Rose
DRX57-3 = NC6-15 x Black Rose
DRX57-5 = NC6-15 x D56
DRX57-5 = NC 6-15 x D-56
DRX58-10 = DRX55 x OP
DRX58-12 = DRX58-12 x Black Rose
DRX58-15 = SV20347 x F30
DRX58-17 = DRX55 x NY16829
DRX58-2 = NC6-15 x Black Rose
DRX58-2 = NC 6-15 x Black Rose
DRX58-5 = NC 6-15 x Demko's R.T. Dunston
DRX58-5 = NC6-15 x Demko's R.T. Dunstan
DRX59-12 = DRX55 x Black Rose
DRX59-13 = D73 x Ga1420
DRX59-15 = Landot 2832 x Ga1420
DRX59-17 = Landot 2832 x Ga1420
DRX59-19 = Landot 2832 x Ga1420
DRX59-20 = Landot 2832 x Ga1420
DRX59-22 = Landot 2832 x Ga1420
DRX59-3 = NC6-15 x Black Rose
DRX59-32 = DRX55 x Muscat St. Vallier (SV20473)
DRX59-34 = D181 x DRX57-15
DRX59-5 = NC6-15 x D17
DRX60-10 = DRX57-3 x D56
DRX60-12 = DRX57-3 x SV12375
DRX60-13 = DRX58-5 x SV12375
DRX60-14 = DRX57-3 x D56 F
DRX60-15 = DRX57-3 x OP
DRX60-17 = DRX57-1 x OP
DRX60-2 = DRX55 x Ga 1420
DRX60-20 = DRX57-3 x Gold
DRX60-20 Sib. = DRX57-3 x Gold
DRX60-20 Un. = DRX57-3 x Gold
DRX60-24 = DRX57-3 x OP
DRX60-25 = DRX57-3 x OP
DRX60-26 = D73 x Ga1420
DRX60-27 = [Olivette Blanche x Muscat Hamburgh] x Ga1420
DRX60-28 = [Olivette Blanche x Muscat Hamburgh] x Ga1420
DRX60-3 = DRX55 x Ga 1420 F
DRX60-34 = D73 x Ga1420
DRX60-38 = DRX57-3 x D14
DRX60-4 = DRX55 x Ga 1420
DRX60-40 = DRX55 x Ga1420 F
DRX60-40Tet. = DRX55 x Ga1420 H
DRX60-41 = DRX55 x Ga1420
DRX60-43 = DRX55 x Ga1420
DRX60-44 = DRX55 x Ga1420
DRX60-47 = Black Rose x Ga1420
DRX60-48 = DRX57-3 x OP
DRX60-49 = D7 x Ga1420
DRX60-5 = DRX55 x Ga1420
DRX60-50 = D7 x Ga1420
DRX60-6 = DRX55 x Ga1420
DRX60-60 = DRX57-3 x D48 F
DRX60-61 = DRX57-3 x D48 H
DRX60-62 = DRX57-3 x D48 F
DRX60-63 = DRX57-3 x D48
DRX60-64 = DRX57-3 x D48
DRX60-65 = DRX57-3? x Tamiami
DRX60-66 = DRX58-5 x SV12375
DRX60-67 = DRX57-3 x D56
DRX60-68 = DRX55 x Ga1420
DRX60-75 = DRX58-5 x SV12375
DRX60-78 = D154 x Ga1420
DRX60-79 = DRX57-3 x SV12375 H
DRX60-8 = DRX55 x Ga1420
DRX60-80 = DRX55 x Ga1420
DRX60-81 = DRX55 x Ga1420 F
DRX60-84 = DRX55 x Ga1420
DRX60-85 = DRX55 x Ga1420
DRX60-91 = DRX55 x Ga1420
DRX61-1 = DRX58-5 x Ga1420
DRX61-11A = DRX57-1 x Ga1420
DRX61-11A Tet. = DRX57-1 x Ga1420
DRX61-15 = DRX57-1 x D8
DRX61-16 = DRX58-5 x D200 F
DRX61-18 = DRX58-5 x D200 H
DRX61-2 = DRX58-5 x Ga1420 F
DRX61-3 = DRX58-5 x Ga1420
DRX61-31 = DRX58-5 x Beauty Seedless
DRX61-39 = NC6-15 x NC20-30
DRX61-41 = NC6-15 x OP
DRX61-44 = D193 x Ga1420
DRX61-6 = NC6-15 x OP F
DRX62-11 = DRX58-2 x OP
DRX62-22 = DRX58-5 x OP
DRX62-24 = DRX58-5 x OP
DRX62-26 = DRX57-5 x SV12375
DRX62-4 = DRX58-5 x OP
DRX62-6 = DRX55 x D200
DRX63-11 = DRX60-8 x Neo-Muscat
DRX63-12 = DRX60-68 x OP
DRX63-13 = DRX58-5 x D200
DRX63-15 = DRX58-5 x D200
DRX63-22 = DRX58-5 x D200
DRX63-25 = DRX60-17 x OP
DRX63-26 = DRX60-4 x OP
DRX63-27 = DRX60-8 x D8?
DRX63-3 = DRX60-2 x D200
DRX63-32 = DRX60-48 x DRX60-61
DRX63-4 = DRX60-2 x OP
DRX63-45 = DRX60-40 x Ga1420
DRX63-46 = DRX60-40 x OP
DRX63-5 = DRX60-2 x OP
DRX63-6 = DRX60-41 x OP
DRX63-7 = DRX60-5 x OP
DRX63-75 = DRX60-40 x Delicatessen F
DRX63-9 = DRX60-65 x D56
DRX64-1 = DRX59-19 x OP
DRX64-109 = DRX60-93 x OP
DRX64-111 = DRX60-91 x OP
DRX64-118 = F603? x Meridian13?
DRX64-121 = DRX60-85 x D211
DRX64-16 = DRX60-8 x D56
DRX64-18 = DRX60-40 x D200
DRX64-19 = DRX60-40 x D200
DRX64-2 = DRX60-25 x Meridian13
DRX64-231 = DRX60-17 x D200
DRX64-28 = DRX60-40 x SV12375
DRX64-283 = D221 x D68
DRX64-30 = DRX60-40 x SV12375
DRX64-35 = DRX60-43? x OP H
DRX64-6 = DRX58-5 x D211
DRX64-69 (Maple Leaf) = DRX60-80 x OP
DRX64-7 = DRX61-16 x Meridian13
DRX64-85 = DRX60-85 x D211
DRX64-96 = DRX60-91 x OP
DRX65-1 = Thomas? x F38?
DRX65-103 = DRX61-6 x Z3, F-38
DRX65-108 = JS26205 x V. aestivalis
DRX65-120 = DRX60-40 x D-217
DRX65-121 = DRX60-40 x D-217
DRX65-128 = D187 x D-200
DRX65-134 = D275
DRX65-161 = SC4618 x D-68
DRX65-192 = DRX60-25 x DRX60-61?
DRX65-27 = DRX60-8 x Dearing Pollen
DRX65-31 = DRX60-15 x SC4618 x V. Aestivalis
DRX65-32 = DRX60-15 x SC4618 x V. Aestivalis
DRX65-4 = Thomas x F38
DRX65-40 = DRX60-40 x OP
DRX65-50 = DRX60-40 x OP
DRX65-52 = DRX60-40 x OP
DRX65-54 = DRX60-40 x OP
DRX65-6 = DRX60-40 x JS26205
DRX65-83 = Z3 x OP
DRX65-92 = Z3 x OP
DRX66-0 = DRX57-3 x V. Simpsonii
DRX66-1 = DRX61-6 x DRX60-15
DRX66-11 = D187 x F30, F38 F
DRX66-130 = DRX60-40 x D-17
DRX66-131 = DRX60-40 x D-17 F
DRX66-158 = DRX60-40 x D-210
DRX66-159 = DRX60-40 x D-211
DRX66-160 = DRX60-40 x Ga1420
DRX66-165A = DRX60-40 x [Ga 1420 x DRX60-15]
DRX66-17 = D187 x F30, F38
DRX66-173 = F603 x F62-5
DRX66-2 = DRX60-40 x Black Monukka
DRX66-20 = DRX60-40 x F38
DRX66-27 = DRX61-6 x Z63-2-1
DRX66-30 = DRX61-6 x Ga Station Seedling
DRX66-4 = DRX60-2 x D-200
DRX66-56 = DRX63-75 x D-48
DRX66-6 = DRX60-65 x Mixed Rotundifolia F
DRX66-66 = V. aestivalis x D210
DRX66-7 = DRX60-65 x Mixed Rotundifolia
DRX66-84 = DRX60-40 x D-200
DRX66-86 = DRX58-5 x D-210
DRX67-1 = DRX62-26 x DRX60-13
DRX67-12 = SC 4618 x DRX 60-13
DRX67-13 = DRX60-80 x V. Simpsonii
DRX67-14 = DRX60-80 x V. Simpsonii
DRX67-15 = DRX60-80 x V. Simpsonii
DRX67-16 = DRX60-80 x V. Simpsonii
DRX67-2 = DRX64-69 x OP
DRX67-4 = DRX64-19 x OP H
DRX68-1 = DRX61-2 x D-200
DRX68-19 = DRX59-17 x OP H
DRX68-20 = DRX59-17 x OP H
DRX68-24 = DRX60-40 x D236
DRX68-25 = DRX60-15 x Z65-6-1
DRX68-33 = DRX60-80 x D274
DRX68-5 = DRX60-40 x D200, D211
DRX68-63 = DRX64-20 x OP H
DRX68-66 = DRX64-109 x OP
DRX68-68 = D275 x Stover
DRX69-10 = DRX64-69 x D68 H
DRX69-131 = DRX60-40 x DRX66-86
DRX69-132 = DRX60-40 x DRX66-86
DRX69-135 = DRX60-40 x D210
DRX69-149 = DRX60-40 x Z64-1
DRX69-158 = D305
DRX69-163 = DRX60-40 x IAC962-3
DRX69-165 = DRX60-40 x Z64-1
DRX69-167 = DRX66-0 x D200 F
DRX69-170 = DRX66-0 x DRX60-61
DRX69-175 = DRX66-11 x D210
DRX69-185 = DRX66-165A x OP
DRX69-27 = DRX64-69 x OP
DRX69-28 = DRX64-69 x OP
DRX69-32 = DRX64-69 x OP
DRX69-81 = DRX60-80 x D211 F
DRX69-83 = DRX60-80 x D211
DRX69-99 (El Rojote) = DRX63-15 x D211 *DVIT 3093
DRX70-10 = DRX60-40 diploid x DRX60-28 tetraploid
DRX70-12 = El Bejuco x Victorias Choice
DRX70-13 = DRX60-2 x D211
DRX70-18 = DRX60-80 x DRX60-61
DRX70-19 = DRX60-80 x DRX60-61
DRX70-2 = DRX66-130 x DRX64-85
DRX70-20 = DRX60-40 x DRX60-28
DRX70-21 = DRX66-130 x DRX60-61, Z65-6-1 H
DRX70-3 = DRX64-69 x D-200 Irrad. #1
DRX70-34 = DRX64-69 x DRX60-61, DRX64-85
DRX70-35 = DRX64-69 x DRX60-61, DRX64-85
DRX70-38 = DRX60-34 Tet. x DRX60-28 Tet. H
DRX70-39 = DRX60-34 4x x DRX60-28 4x H
DRX70-4 = Z65-6-1 x DRX60-61
DRX70-40 = DRX60-34 Tet. x DRX60-28 Tet. F
DRX70-41 = Barrett 796-1 x DRX61-3 F
DRX70-43 = DRX66-130 x DRX66-96 F
DRX70-47 = DRX66-130 x DRX64-85
DRX70-5 = changed to DRX70-18
DRX70-52 = DRX64-69 x OP
DRX70-53 = DRX60-40 Diploid x DRX60-28 Tetraploid
DRX70-54 = DRX60-40 Diploid x DRX60-28 Tetraploid
DRX70-55 = DRX60-40 Diploid x DRX60-28 Tetraploid
DRX70-56 = DRX64-69 x El Bejuco
DRX70-60 = DRX60-80 x OP H
DRX70-62 = Maple Leaf x V. Carib
DRX70-7 = DRX60-8 x D211
DRX70-72 = Maple Leaf x OP H
DRX71-1 = DRX65-40 x Aurelia (D56)
DRX71-10 = DRX60-80 x D200
DRX71-11 = DRX68-19/20 x OP
DRX71-15 = DRX68-19/20 x OP
DRX71-2 = D275 x Z65-6-1 F
DRX71-21 = DRX69-32 x D210
DRX71-21 = DRX66-130 x Z65-6-1
DRX71-22 = DRX65-40 x Carpenter F
DRX71-22 = DRX64-69 x D200
DRX71-24 = Z65-6-1 x D-200 H
DRX71-6 = DRX60-80 x D-200
DRX71-62 = D286 x DRX68-25 H
DRX71-63 4x = DRX64-69 x ILL280-1 F
DRX71-7 = DRX60-80 x D200
DRX71-7 = DRX60-80 x D200
DRX71-70A = DRX64-85 x Condesa, D200 H
DRX71-77 = D286 x DRX68-25
DRX71-8 = DRX60-80 x D200
DRX71-9 = DRX60-80 x D200
DRX72-1 = DRX69-169 x D200
DRX72-13 = DRX68-19 x Barrett #4
DRX72-15 = D275 x DRX70-1? F
DRX72-15 4x = D275 x DRX70-1 F
DRX72-16 = DRX68-5 x OP, DRX68-19 H
DRX72-17 = DRX68-5 x OP
DRX72-21 4x = DRX69-32 x D210
DRX72-21 (Blackie) = DRX69-32 x D210
DRX72-22 = DRX65-40 x Carpenter F
DRX72-26 = FES 1521 x DRX 70-1
DRX72-30 = FES 1521 x DRX 69-149
DRX72-31 = FES 1521 x DRX 69-149
DRX72-35 = DRX60-40 x D210
DRX72-38 = ILL 796-1 x DRX61-3
DRX72-60 = FES 1521 x Carpenter F
DRX72-61 = D275 x ILL 820-1
DRX72-7 = DRX63-15 x Aurelia
DRX72-72 = FES 1521 x ?, D211, El Rojote, Ark 1105 F
DRX73-16 = DRX60-80 x OP
DRX73-19 = D309 x DRX70-1 H
DRX73-2 = DRX69-185 (Lady Finger) x OP
DRX73-20 = D309 x DRX70-1
DRX73-21 = D309 x DRX70-1
DRX73-22 = D309 x DRX70-1 F
DRX73-23 = DRX60-40 x ILL 820-1 or Kishmish
DRX73-26 = D345 x DRX69-99 (El Rojote) H
DRX73-27 = FES 1521 x DRX69-99 (El Rojote) F *DVIT 3094
DRX73-28 = D345 x DRX69-99 (El Rojote)
DRX73-3 = DRX69-32 x D236
DRX73-75 = DRX64-69 (Maple Leaf) x OP, Aurelia
DRX73-76 = DRX64-69 (Maple Leaf) x OP, Aurelia
DRX74-1 = DRX60-40 x DRX66-86
DRX74-17 = DRX71-7 x DRX69-99 (El Rojote)
DRX74-26 = DRX70-72 x OP
DRX74-31 = DRX60-40 x DRX66-86
DRX74-33 = DRX72-13 Tet. x D200 Tet.)
DRX74-37 = Atlintadio x Aurelia
DRX74-38 = DRX60-40 x D236
DRX74-40 = DRX72-31 x DRX71-62
DRX74-42 = DRX69-81 x Esperanza
DRX74-43 = DRX71-2 x DRX69-32
DRX74-44 = DRX71-2 x DRX69-32
DRX74-45 = DRX71-2 x DRX69-32
DRX74-48 = DRX71-2 x DRX66-86
DRX74-49 = DRX71-2 x DRX66-86
DRX74-5 = FES 1521 x DRX60-61
DRX74-56 = DRX71-2 x Missouri Red #2
DRX74-57 = DRX60-40 x DRX60-61
DRX74-6 = FES 1521 x DRX60-61
DRX74-70 = FLA 1521 x DRX66-86
DRX74-9 = DRX71-2 x El Rojote
DRX75-1 = FLA 1521 x DRX69-32
DRX75-10 = DRX72-21 (Blackie) x DRX60-61
DRX75-11 = DRX72-21 (Blackie) x DRX60-61
DRX75-12 = DRX72-21 (Blackie) x OP
DRX75-13 = DRX72-21 (Blackie) x OP
DRX75-14 = DRX72-21 (Blackie) x OP
DRX75-15 = DRX72-21 (Blackie) x OP
DRX75-16 to 20 = DRX60-40 x El Rojote
DRX75-21 to 24 = DRX60-40 x El Rojote
DRX75-25 to 27 = DRX60-40 x El Rojote
DRX75-28 = DRX60-14 x D366
DRX75-29 = DRX60-14 x D366
DRX75-3 = DRX69-185 (Lady Finger) x El Rojote
DRX75-30 to 34 = DRX60-40 or DRX 60-80 x El Rojote
DRX75-33 = DRX60-40 or DRX 60-80 x El Rojote
DRX75-35 = FES 1521 x D210
DRX75-36 = DRX73-27 x Ark 1105
DRX75-37 = DRX73-27 x DRX71-62
DRX75-38 = ILL 796-1 x DRX70-13
DRX75-39 = DRX71-2 x DRX70-13
DRX75-4 = DRX71-2 x D-200
DRX75-50 = D-345 x DRX73-26 H
DRX75-6 = DRX72-21 (Blackie) x OP
DRX75-7 = DRX71-2 x DRX72-21 (Blackie)
DRX75-8 = DRX71-2 x DRX72-21
DRX76-1 = FES 1521 x Ark 1016
DRX76-25 = D-345 x Blackie
DRX76-8 = D-331 x DRX 69-81
DRX78-1 = DRX72-32 x DRX69-99
DRX80-2 = DRX69-165 x OP
Dunstan = ({V. simpsonii x Marguerite} x SV 12-375) *DVIT 2056

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